Publications & Speaking Engagements

“What the Constitution Does Not Say”
[Reflections on the First Amendment], Harvard Magazine, February, 2024

“Israel’s Messy Democracy — And America’s”
[A Discussion of Proposed Judicial Reform], Times of Israel, September, 2023 

“Remembering the Dead at Belzec: This Could Have Been Me”
[Reflections on Holocaust Remembrance Day], Times of Israel, April, 2023 

“How it All Began:  An Interview with Mark H. Alcott, Former NYSBA President and ComFed Chair”
Commercial and Federal Litigation Section Newsletter, November, 2022

“Fourth Thursday in November”
[Reflections on Thanksgiving], New York Law Journal, November 2020

“How to Reform the Supreme Court Without Destroying It”
[How to Reform the Supreme Court Without Destroying It], New York Law Journal, October, 2020

“Renaming & Retroactive Shaming”
[Renaming & Retroactive Shaming]The Harvard Crimson, OpEd July 14, 2020

“The Use of Arbitration to Recover Ill-Gotten Gains”
NYSBA International Section, Global Conference, Tokyo, Japan, November, 2019

“What Lawyers Do”
[What Lawyers Do], The Harvard Crimson, April, 2019

“From Run-on Sentences to Split Infinitives, Here’s Why I’m Cranky about Language”
[Part I] and “From Clichés to Banalities and Bizarre Word Usages, Here’s Why I’m Still Cranky About Language” [Part II], ABA Journal, November, 2018

“Defending Judges, Standing Up for the Rule of Law”
New York State Bar Association Journal, January, 2018

“Reflections on President Trump’s Jerusalem ‘Recognition’“
Law 360, January, 2018

“Reflections on Argentina and Brazil”
AJC Executive Committee, White Plains, NY November, 2017

“Remarks at Luncheon for President of the UN General Assembly”
United Nations Delegation Dining Room, New York City, August,2017

“The Legacy of Learned Hand”
AJC Learned Hand Award Dinner, White Plains, NY, December,2016

“Overcoming Implicit Bias in Arbitration”
NYSBA Dispute Resolution Section, New York City, October, 2016

“Book Review:  Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts, 7th Ed.”
NYSBA Journal, May, 2016

“The Formation of New York’s Commercial Division – A History and Memoir”
Judicial Notice –The Periodical of the Historical Society of the New York Courts, 2016

“How Can a Young Litigator Impress His Superiors and Learn Her Craft in the Modern Law Firm World”
Commercial Bar Association of London, Washington, DC, April, 2015

“Ethical Issues in International Arbitration”
Commercial Bar Association of London, Seville, Spain, May, 2014

“The Increasing Risk of Exposure of Institutions and Arbitrators to Post-Award Lawsuits and Attacks,”
ICC/ICDR ICSID Joint Colloquium on International Arbitration, Paris, December, 2013

“Hot Topics in International Litigation and Arbitration”
New York State Bar Association Seasonal Meeting, Hanoi, October, 2013

“Investor-State Arbitration Under New UNCITRAL Rules”
Commercial Bar Association of London, Vancouver, Canada, May, 2013

“It Ain’t Over Even When It’s Over: Post-Award Attacks on Arbitrators”
Dispute Resolution International, May, 2013

“Complex Issues in International Arbitration”
American Bar Association International Section Spring Meeting, New York, April, 2013

“The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals”
ABA Litigation Section Conference, Chicago, Illinois, April, 2013

“Arbitrator Disclosure Requirements”
New York State Bar Association International Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, September, 2012

“Enforcement of Arbitration Awards”
Commercial Bar Association of London, North American Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, June, 2012

“Theft or Loss of Business Opportunities”
co-author, in Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, Third Edition, published 2012, West Publishing

“Ethics Issues in the Cross-Border World: Representing Controversial Clients”
New York State Bar Association International Conference, Panama City, Panama, September, 2011

“Mandatory Retirement Policies at Law Firms: What Lies Ahead”
New York City Bar, New York, NY, November, 2010

“The Role of Sovereign Immunity: A Moot Court Proceeding
New York State Bar Association International Conference, Sydney, Australia, October, 2010